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The 8 Qualities of the EXCEPTIONAL Black Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship is a reference book designed to give “voice” to women business owners, especially those women of color. There are many successful black women business
owners that have cracked the code of surpassing racial, gender, financial and generational roadblocks, however we have been “conditioned” to keep those solutions “privately” amongst ourselves. There are numerous reasons why, and we will UNAPOLOGETICALLY explore, reveal, and challenge the "status quo" of the current business landscapes in existence today!



2022 #1 AWARD

2022 AWARD for being #1 reference book for BUSINESS and LEADERSHIP!

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Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon is a 7X International #1 Best-Selling Author, Certified Life/ Relationship/Business Coach, Motivational speaker, and Multiple business owner. She serves individuals and businesses by precisely pinpointing what is “infecting” their ability to achieve PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROFITABILITY while placing them on a permanent path of success!

Michelle believes that it is TIME for a book like this! She says "We have the opportunity to fill the gap of access and opportunities for women of color, it is time for us to take our place as the ANCESTORS of the next generations of women business leaders." This book aims to feed the need to hear from women that look like them, speaks their language, understands them, and share similar experiences. Women that are willing to share their TRUTHS because she recognizes that “her PURPOSE is bigger than her PAIN.”- Michelle S. Thomas.


Dr. Cheryl Wood - International Motivational Speaker

Dr. Cheryl Wood is an International Empowerment Speaker, 2x TEDx Speaker, 18x Best-Selling Author and Executive Speaker Development Coach. She equips women entrepreneurs with the tools to maximize and monetize their expert knowledge through public speaking. She has trained women entrepreneurs and leaders across the United States and abroad in South Africa, India, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, and The Bahamas.

Dr. Wood is a recipient of the 2022 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to the empowerment and elevation of women entrepreneurs globally.  She has been featured on ABC, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Sheen Magazine, Fox 5 News, Fox 45 News, and Afro-American Newspaper.  Dr. Wood is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs globally to make their fingerprint count, build legacy and create generational wealth!  Connect with her online at and on social media at @CherylEmpowers.


Kenyatta Turner

Kenyatta Turner, MM is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host.  She’s the founder
& CEO of Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC, where they Coach, Influence, & Protect their clients by helping them build & shield their own Freedom

Willie Mae Starr-White

As a suicide survivor, she promises to show you that LIFE is always the answer!! This life has taught her strength, faith, resilience, and bravery. She has learned to develop optimal organizational structures, perform the strategic planning, financial management and leadership development in Facilities and Engineering.

Charmin Jacobs

Charmin N. Jacobs exemplary character and mature judgement stem from a strong foundational upbringing. Born in Brunswick, Georgia, Charmin has been a "living epistle" and ambassador to the principles of dedication, determination, and strong work ethics. Charmin's successful climb up the ladder in her selfless service to her country is commendable, straightforward in discussion, factual in presentation, persuasive, and tactful in action. Charmin is a bestselling author, holds certifications in Diversity, Civil Treatment Training, and is a certified Coach, Speaker, and
Trainer with the prestigious John Maxwell Group. Charmin is CEO of Teachable Learnable Solutions, TCJ Enterprises, and Travel Concierge Partners COO. She is
also an active board member for Envision Lead Grow, where she is building leaders of tomorrow.


Carol Stewart - United Kingdom

Carol Stewart is the founder of Abounding Solutions and author of Quietly Visible: Leading with Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman She is an Executive, Career and Leadership Coach, specialising in introverted women who are senior leaders. Carol coaches’ women to lead with confidence, influence, and impact.

Zenobia Jackson

Zenobia Jackson, known to many as "Queen", has been given by God the ability to speak, write, coach, and teach with the sole purpose of reminding others that God is always waiting to be sought, and those who turn their hearts to Him grow in their greatness. As a former educator and after serving 200 girls in a 8 year-long mentorship program, One of her favorite quotes is “Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson, NOT a life sentence”.

Frances Jones

Frances Jones is a CEO, 2X Best-selling author, public speaker, advocate, and certified coach. She carries an MA in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Accountancy, a CSM (Certified Scrum Master). an iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) as well as a Global member of the ICF and a partner with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

Wendy Garvin Mayo

Wendy Garvin Mayo is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years in the healthcare industry. She has healthcare experience in various nursing
sectors including clinical, leadership, research, academia, and pharmaceuticals. Mrs. Mayo has launched two companies; The Stress Blueprint empowers organizations and individuals to optimize their health and wellness through stress management coaching, workshops, and program development. SHAPE Partners provides comprehensive resources and programming
for cancer caregivers, family members and friends.


Dr. Angela T. Kinnel

Dr. Angela Tamica Kinnel is a
14-year veteran educator, ordained minister, chaplain, best-selling author, public speaker, and radio personality. Her passion is to encourage, motivate, and educate the world about Jesus Christ and their identity in Him. Dr. Kinnel has a Bachelor of Science degree
in Agricultural Economics, a Master of Science degree, a Master of Arts degree in
Education with an emphasis in Curriculum & Instruction. She also has an Associate degree in Christian Studies from World Changers Bible School and
received a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2019.

Prayer Idowu - Nigeria

Prayer Olaoluwamide Idowu, (born in Osun, Nigeria, Africa) is a Graduate from Georgia State University where she earned her Master’s Degree in Political Science. She has achieved many pioneering achievements in her such as being one of the first REACH scholars of Atlanta, GA. She is the oldest daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Idowu which awards her a birth right of great responsibilities she has always
been willing to bear. She amounts much of her success to her God given gifts of
faith, determination, and resilience. She hopes to use her story to inspire and foster new strong leaders much like herself.

Felecia L. Armstrong

Felecia Armstrong is Charlotte, NC native with a blended family of 23 children.  She is a Navy veteran and currently owns and co-owns several small businesses to name a few which includes a real estate firm, home care agency, transitional housing agency and a trucking company. She also started a non-profit. Felecia is the founding Pastor of Canaan Christian Worship Center in Albemarle NC; she holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Christian Education from the Partners to the Promise School of Christian Education where she is also currently working towards her Doctorate degree in Christian Education.

Kim Carter Evans

Kim Carter Evans (“the” KC Evans) excels in both her career as a corporate executive and as an international speaker, author, & entrepreneur. As a community advocate and leader, she dedicates her gifts and time to local non-profits and ministry.  As a successful entrepreneur and brand manager serving high profile clientele across the US, her clients have appeared in NY
Times, Black Enterprise, Washington Post, Ebony, and Essence.  Clients have received national television media opportunities with BET/Centric, The Food Network, and all major news networks. Ms. Evans holds a B.A. in Mass Communications/Public Relations and M.B.A. in International Business Communication.


Mianca Wright

Who am I?  Well, I’m just a fierce black girl born to the hard streets of eastside Detroit. My mother was 15 when she gave birth to me. I became a product of my environment. Poverty. Welfare recipient. Trauma. Rape. If you can name it - I experienced
it. But God! He had His hand on my life and had master plans – plans that would heal generations to come worldwide. I made a choice. I accepted the call. Now, I dedicate my life to helping usher my black queens not only to everlasting healing but to groundbreaking triumphant victory!

Shawn B. Shelton

Shawn Shelton is an Entrepreneur, Professional Career Developer, and Global Podcaster. As the founder, producer, and host of Real Talk 4 Real Women podcast; Shawn hopes to empower, enlightened and energized women all over the world to become the best version of themselves. "One of my passions is to develop others to discover their inner talents and transform them into their external gifts. It is my desire to see women step out of their
comfort zone and into their God given purpose to impact change and share their talents with the world. "


La'Sheema Babbs'

La’Sheema Babbs’, best known as “Sheema B”, is the Founder of the Proactive Leader Academy, using it to drive focus, foresight and resilience! A nominee for the Master Chief Anna Der-Vartanian Leadership Award, Sheema B is an inspirational leader and powerhouse in motivating and drawing the best out of people and helping them create clarity, build toughness, and be proactive in their professional and personal lives. Within her over 18 years of active US Naval service, this Chief has led on and off the battlefield. All she has learned
she shares to pull up and call out tomorrow’s leaders TODAY!

Natilie Butler

Natilie Vivian Butler Duncan is the epitome of all things great. A proud native of the best city in the world; Chicago. She spent her early childhood in Chicago, attending New Sullivan Elementary School. Later, to go on to King College Prep HS. She is now twenty years young. She is currently enrolled at Southern University and A&M College as a junior. Her major is Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She has countless dedications, but she has narrowed her focus to helping our young black girls, our coming-of-age generation. She found passion in helping those who look like her.

Dr. Theresa A. Moseley

Dr. Theresa A. Moseley is originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is a United States Army Veteran, 6x Best-Selling Author, 2x International Best-Selling Author, 3x Award Winning Educator, and an International Motivational Speaker. Her signature book, Creating Ambassadors of Peace: 16 Steps to Become an Ambassador of Peace, is a guide and journal for individuals looking for inner peace.  Dr. Moseley has worked in the field of education for 27 years.  She is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. She provides inspirational speeches on inner peace and professional development on Transformational Leadership.


Revella Nesbit

Revella serves as the CEO of Hope Matters, PLLC and Hope Matters 2 Me, Inc.  She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina & Virginia with 28 years of serving in leadership roles in the areas of behavioral health, cultural competence, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Nesbit has a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Education (M.Ed.) from Winthrop University. She has also earned certifications from Cornell University in Diversity & Inclusion and the Institute of Organization Development as an Organization Development Certified Professional. She has written several articles on cultural competence, inclusion, and diversity. 

Myrtha Dubois

Myrtha Dubois is a certified Personal Growth & Development Strategist passionately dedicated to educating, elevating, and empowering women, who are feeling overwhelmed, who lack clarity, and who are now asking the question, what’s next.  Using various platforms along with a method called C.P.R., Myrtha zaps the breath of life back into women so they can reaffirm their identity, rebuild their confidence, and redeem their worth,
making them Undeniable. Myrtha is also an International Best-Selling Author, an Author Coach, Internationally Featured Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary of Creating Purposeful Resilience (C.P.R.), and CEO of Myrtha Dubois Coaching & Consulting.

April Sanders

April Sanders was born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and with the guidance of her strong-willed grandmother, April not only graduated high school as a teen mom, but also went on to graduate from a university with a degree in Social Work. April is committed and determined to promote positive
social change by doing "Heart-work" and helping to transform individual mindsets daily. She now holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and is the founder of a consulting business called BEST (Bringing Every Strength Together). Her philosophy is, “When you know better, you do
better.” She is driven by the idea that in order to inspire change, we must work to change ourselves.

Casandra Surma

My name is Casandra Surma born and raised in the southern part of North Carolina. I am a divorced mother of three children. I raised 2 of my nephews. I am a grandmother to 9 biological children, 3 adopted children, 1 great-grandchild, and 2 grandchildren who are deceased. I love my family! I enjoy spending precious time with them making lifetime memories. 

I graduated in 2002 from University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I returned to college in 2007 to pursue a master’s degree in Adult
Education. I received a MAED degree in 2009 from the University of Phoenix. I have worked in the Mental health field for over thirty years. 


Ta'coya R. Henderson

Ta'Coya R. Henderson is the Founder and Co-Owner of Incline Tax Services, Owner of House of Nevaeh, has a Bachelor’s degree Health Care Administration. She currently works in health care while running her own tax company full time. Her proud accomplishments are being a wonderful wife and mother first and using her gifts to be a blessing to other people.  Incline Tax Services is a multi-million-dollar business with over 30 tax companies under its umbrella. House of Neveah is a wig company for people with hair loss due to cancer and alopecia. Her objective is to become successful while building
generational wealth and breaking generational curses.

Angel Riley

Angel Riley is a 2X Amazon
International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Success Coach, and Executive Contributing Writer for magazine publications. Emboldened to inspire many, She is a master at helping Black women resist the stronghold of perfectionism and self-sabotage. Coach Angel has been featured in several media outlets including CBS, NBC, and Fox. She also hosts the daytime talk radio show and podcast, The Chronicles of Doing Too Much available on
Total Entertainment Radio and your favorite podcast platform.

LaNise Thrasher

LaNise Thrasher is affectionally known as The Love Cheerleader on social media. She is a Heartbreak Coach based out of Atlanta, GA. After going through a painful divorce and healing, she started helping people past their heartbreak and found her purpose. She teaches and empowers busy professionals to let go of the pain caused by divorce and heartbreak so they can learn to heal, live, and most
importantly love again! She has been featured in SHOUTOUT Atlanta and Voyager Atlanta. She is a sought-after speaker, author, and entrepreneur. 

Michelle G. Cameron - Jamaica

Michelle Cameron is a passionate writer; her fiery enthusiasm is displayed within her various projects. Known for her brilliant repertoire as both a precise and skillful writer, Michelle began her writing journey at the age of 15. She has released several books that impact unmarried individuals, and aspiring authors. Michelle coaches authors on how to share their impactful stories to reach global audiences.  Michelle also provides editing services to add a dimension of excellence to any writer’s work. 


Lucy Church

My Name Is Lucy Church. I am a
believer in the grace of the highest. I am a mother of two. And I pride myself on education. I am a soon-to-be Doctor Of Psychology. I believe in working as a team “teamwork makes the dream work.”(unknown) I am a published author of a self-help book series, The Recipe, that I have added to my range of energetic titles. I am a successful entrepreneur who enjoys helping others unlock their mandatory journeys to entrepreneurship. I have been built on hard work! I have built everything from the ground up! And I value every stepping stone! I will give you The Recipe, but you have to be willing to cook!

Tracey Howard, MBA, PMP

Tracey Howard, MBA, PMP is a Business Consultant, owner of T. Howard Consulting, and a Dave Ramsey certified Financial Master Coach. Her corporate career prior to entrepreneurship included Finance & Accounting management and a Directorship in the public sector. She has a heart for people and enjoys helping them achieve their dreams and improve their
lives. She lives in Cincinnati, OH where she enjoys fellowship and fun with family and loved ones. She has a passion to increase financial literacy and help the world to eliminate generational poverty.

Ivy Caldwell

I am the Founder of Footprint Enterprises which is a faith-based organization that helps those who are ready to confront their emotional trauma and be
healed. I am the author of “Expose It” …Let Your Healing Process Begin. I am a coauthor in a couple of collaborations “Speak Up…We Deserve to Be Heard” and “Walking in My Purpose”. I plan on launching my children book series in 2022. I will also be launching my coaching program “Stepping Into ANEW You” at the top of the New Year.

Gail M. Carter - Barbados

Gail M. Carter, MBA,
is the Founder of Illuminare Energy and LightShift360, LLC. She is an International Speaker, 2x Best-Selling Author, 7x Published Author, keynote speaker at Renewal360 Encounter, featured in Courageous Woman Magazine and Editor for WE Magazine for Women. She is the recipient of the “Woman to Watch” Award for leadership and volunteerism.
Licensed civil engineer, she has earned an M.B.A., Business Administration, a Master of Arts (M.A.), a degree in Sustainable
International Development and earned a B.S., Civil Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology. She is a member of Business Networking International (BNI) and an Ambassador with the
Christian Chamber of Commerce.